Dream Pavillion


looking-south-from-proposed-pavilion-spot-be01-GR  standing-at-the-north-west-of-propose-pavilion-area-02-be



In dreams, rational thinking is suddenly turned off. Things that are impossible in real life are absolutely normal for that moment. For Example while dreaming we aren’t aware of gravity anymore and can fly.
In our proposal we wanted to have the notion of this moment manifested.
The very light structure of the pavilion is consisting of cable tubes covered with a translucent skin. Interlaced cable tubes serve as the static system of the structure.

The translucent film, dividing the pavilion from nature, filters the surrounding environment, the road-noise, the velocity of the urban zone.
The skin diffracts the daylight, and splits it into the colors of the rainbow.
The outside world seems distorted, immersed in color.
Inside of the 4m high pavilion the light creates a supernatural space and establishes a whole new view of the surrounding park.

The Dream Pavilion is a place where people have the opportunity to decelerate, to have the head in the clouds. A Space, where it is allowed to dream, to remember ideas, to get a sense of inspiration and have creative thoughts.
While walking through the structure, the boundaries between reality and dream blur.