Kunstmuseum in Südkorea

Entering the city from the south, the Suncheon Art Platform (SAP) welcomes visitors and citizens with an opening gesture, by forming an iconic reinterpretation of the YEONJA–RU itself. Regarding to the meaning of a “humanities city” The SAP is a place where art is not enclosed behind walls but presented in a free, natural and cosmopolitan way. To establish art as a part of the urban identity of the city, SAP
provides additional layers of qualities. Residents, visitors and tourists are invited to take possession of the public environment in a mental and also in a tangible way by roaming through and on the platforms and spaces that the building proposes. The landscape with its soft zoning and free flowing forms integrates the memorials, like the PAL-MA-BI and the PARK-HANG-RAE and gives them a meaningful position on both sides of the building, strengthening the ‘open-gate-character’ of the city. SAP appears not as a barrier, but a correlative ‘membrane’, where exchanges in all kinds of directions can happen – open-minded to the world.

THE BUILDING evolves eastwards from the site ground with three wings, which comprise a lowered courtyard. From the southeast, the art centre elevates from ground forming an elongated archway to the courtyard while the main entrance is located on the northeastern corner facing the city centre. From here the lobby gives access to the visitor centre as well as to the art centre.
Starting at the Information Desk in the entrance hall THE VISITORCENTRE develops to the northern wing with its gallery and a museum
shop. Following downstairs, further service spaces opens to the courtyard. Sheltered behind this area, administration and storage/workshop spaces complete the building.
THE ART-CENTRE develops by means of a series of terracing platforms, for temporary and permanent exhibitions, up to the overlooking
Experience Room on the edge of the building, which also serves the theatre. This educational wing leads to a two-level cafe, which opens to
both the riverside and the courtyard. The Patio works also as an outdoor exhibition space, a sculpture garden with calm atmosphere, where traffic and noises are faded out and where concerts, lectures or readings can
take place.
SAP-PARK The whole site area including the riverside and building roof is accessible for pedestrians. Partially green zones, benches and sloping terraces to the riverside invite to linger on public grounds.