COOK BOOK all.cake.all.night JNR


Wrocław 2023
Teresa Stillebacher & AestheticAthletics+ (Boris Schwarz, David Spanier, Julian Castritius)

The book should be read as a cook book for the architecture as well as for the dishes that were made.

…. Some existing theories have explored the integration of sensory experiences, including the taste of materials. It’s a universally shared understanding from childhood; we all remember the sensation of tasting materials such as concrete or marble, and how it leaves an impression on our tongues. There’s a nostalgic connection to the earth, as every child instinctively tastes it. This interconnectedness makes architecture essential and sensual. The tactile and visual elements of a structure evoke feelings, and there’s a sense in which you can almost taste the materials or imagine their taste. We believe these aspects are inseparable from each other and architecture is more than a visual experience…