Wettbewerb Erweiterung der Voksschule Navis mit Nahversorger





The expansion of Navis Elementary School presents itself as a compact, low-rise structure to the east of the existing building, seamlessly integrating with it and adopting its floor heights. The location of the elementary school, together with the local supplier and proximity to the community and Widum, offers the potential for a village square for Navis. The turning point for the bus line is considered – in its center, three parking spaces are positioned with a small green area featuring trees. The addition of new parking spaces with a green zone creates a clearer zoning on the square and enhances the visibility of danger zones. The square and the pathway towards the north are designed as a continuous paved (alternatively, colored asphalt) meeting zone to create a traffic-calmed (20 km/h), mindful space, especially for schoolchildren, pedestrians, and cyclists, ensuring a safe arrival. In the area in front of the entrances, a new communal space for everyone is created using flexible furnishings. Seating and planters contribute to an enhanced quality of stay. The furniture can be temporarily removed in case of filling the wood chip storage. As an extension of the local supplier, there are several bistro tables outdoors, some of which are covered. A new tree is planted at the right corner and complemented with a fixed seating element. The southern wall of the new building is formed as a concrete deflecting wall. Here, there is a window opening only 1.50 m above the ground. The staircase and elevator of the existing building remain, providing barrier-free access to all areas. The right side of this part is opened to the south, and its south facade is aesthetically adapted to the new building.


The building, with its steep roof, harmonizes its form and appearance with the surroundings while still offering a contemporary response to the task at hand. The modest height of the building aligns with the small-scale nature of the surroundings and recedes into the background. The otherwise practical construction incorporates small design interventions that create playful moments and communicate with the surrounding buildings and natural environment. On the north side, an additional entrance to the sports hall is created through terrain modeling and a new staircase. The sports hall is accessible via the existing lift, ensuring barrier-free access. In the northern area of the first basement, a generous skylight brings natural light into the lower floors. The joint where the two building volumes meet is very open, allowing views through the buildings into the beautiful surrounding landscape.


The school entrance remains unchanged, while the entrance to the local supplier or bank is situated on the western side of the new building. The existing auditorium of the elementary school, with the open space in the entrance area, is expanded into the new building, creating a new view into the natural area to the north. This airy entrance accommodates both the cloakroom and events and celebrations. From there, one can either access the first floor of the new building barrier-free via the existing lift or the new staircase, where Cluster C is located. Descending by two staircases leads to the small sports hall, which can also be separately accessed from the north.