WHAT A WASTE is a Design Build project in collaboration with the Heart of Noise Festival. The architectural conception takes the form of an assemblage, constructed from a pool of recycled materials.

Teacher:Verena Rauch, Teresa Stillebacher.

WHAT A WASTE becomes a stage for a depository of found objects, remnants, toxicity, and non-utilizable. Totems made out from discarded items become cult objects, preserving, and challenging the memory of a throwaway society. The entire design-build process was realized as a collective attempt, with individual designs recurrently shared as open source for further modification by all students. This provoked a continuous emergence of new designs, combining architectural elements, objects and ideas. The course was structured as a vertical studio, encouraging collaboration between both bachelor and master students, inducing productive heterogeneity within the group. The process of recycling materials, combined with collective work, has generated a responsive methodology.The capability to consistently involve novel circumstances and opportunities, while navigating uncertainties, is perceived as a contemporary approach, addressing resource scarcity, circular economy, and recycling of construction material. Furthermore, this methodology facilitates a collective, interdisciplinary process in which an environment of equality throughout the entire workflow raises shared responsibility among all participants.

Students: Florian Anschober,Darina Apostolova,Lena Bär,Jacques Biever, Linus Birkendahl,Zoe Bonay,Jan Buley,Anna Eisenberg,Ömer Gürel,Pauline Heil,Meike Hermann,Bernhard Hofherr,Jakob Flösser,Aline Krabacher,Valentina Leitgeb,Drenusha Lokaj,Elsa Mikula,Luis Navarro Preuß,Sally Oosterlee,Zoe Oschwald,Tamara Pappalardo,Isabella Rier,Luca Schmalschläger,Christina Schwalm,Boris Schwarz,David Spanier,Vinzenz Stadler,Anna Stock,Leon Stofft,Susanne Oberhollenzer,Zeynep Takim,Alexander Wasle.

Special Support:Florian Berger,Ernest Hager,Werkstatt Architekturfakultät,Conrad Brinkmeier.

With kind support: Heart of Noise, Land Tirol, Kammer der Ziviltechniker:innen Arch+Ing, Tirol und Vorarlberg, ÖH, J und A Frischeis